Study Cards for Learning the U.S. Presidents

Printable Study Cards

Study Cards to Help Students with Memorization

Memorizing lists, poems, and other information is a great activitity for students. Think of each fact that a child memorizes as a hanger in a closet - a place in the brain reserved for more information. Or an index card in a filebox, ready to be filled with more information as it is gathered. Being able to recite a list is not the same as knowing about the items on the list, but it is a great place to start.

Study cards can be a great tool for memorizing things. They are very portable, and can be used as bookmarks, taped on the refrigerator or mirror, or taken along and studied in the car or in waiting rooms.

Here are printable study cards with lists and other items for children to memorize. If you cut them apart, you can put them in a small photo album to make a book for your child's memory work. You can also print them on cardstock to make them last longer. Or, just print a set of cards and take it with you wherever you are going.