Resources for Teaching Math

If you are homeschooling your child, it helps to have some extra worksheets for teaching math. I used to find it helpful to take a break from our regular math curriculun now and then to work on addition and multiplication skills. Here are links to free printable math worksheets and other resources to help make teaching math easier.


Printable worksheet for identifying circles

Printable worksheet for identifying triangles


Printable worksheet for finding patterns

Addition Worksheets

Adding 1 - 5
Adding Sixes
Adding Sevens
Adding Eights
Adding More Eights
Adding Nines
Adding More Nines
Adding Tens
Adding More Tens

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtracting 1 - 5
Subtracting from Six and Sums of Six
Subtracting from Seven and Sums of Seven
Subtracting from Eight and Sums of Eight
Subtracting from Nine and Sums of Nine
Subtracting from Ten and Sums of Ten


Multiplication and Division

Saxon Math has a site where you can practice basic math facts. You can set up online worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. You can also choose to have the worksheets timed.

Math-U-See also has a site to practice basic facts online. They also have a page where you can generate worksheets and answer keys. You select one of their books, and then choose skills to practice.

Handwriting for Kids has printable worksheets and interactive pages for practicing multiplication and division facts online.

Printable Worksheet for Multiplying Two Two-Digit Numbers - Set 1

Printable Worksheet for Multiplying Two Two-Digit Numbers - Set 2



BBC - KSC BItesize has an interative tutorial for learning about fractions.

Visual Math Learning has interactive lessons about fractions. Visual Math Learning offers free math lessons featuring interactive online tutorials for teaching elementary mathematics and basic arithmetic for grades K-12 at the pre-algebra level.

Visual Fractions is a fractions tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles. This site has fractions games. has worksheets for adding, subtracting, multlplying, dividing, and reducing fractions. This site has worksheets for many other math topics as well. has a free equivalent fractions worksheets packet. There is a plain version, or a version that has hearts and butterflies on it.


Telling Time

BBC - KS1 Bitesize has an interactive activity to help children learn about telling time.

Handwriting for Kids has pages for learning about telling time. There are worksheets to print, and an interactive site to practice telling time online.


Other Resources for Elementry Grades

Math Worksheets Land has free lessons and over 12,000 free printable worksheets which are organized by topic and grade level. The worksheets are also aligned to the core math curriculum. has charts, graph paper, play money, flashcards, clock worksheets, and other helpful lessons.

Visual Math Learning is a free online interactive mathematics tutorial that has lessons, exercises, puzzles and games.

Unit Multipliers- Here is a link to a set of Quizlet flashcards to learning equal terms for unit mulitpliers (3 feet = 1 yard, 5280 feet = 1 mile, ect.)

Roman Numerals - has a Roman Numeral Converter on its website. It allows you to enter either a Roman numeral or a number in conventional Arabic form and it convert it instantly to the other. This page also has a nice explanation of how to read Roman numerals.

Algebra has video lessons for algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, calculus, and other topics for math.

Math Worksheets Land has free lessons and printable worksheets for algebra.

Math Planet has lessons for Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry, as well as sample problems for the SAT and ACT tests. Each type of problem has a Youtube lesson to go with it. by Lawrence Spector has a complete Algebra course online.

Khan Academy has over 1000 videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance.

HippoCampus has interactive algebra and Calculus courses online.

KUTASoftware has free worksheets for Algebra 1 and 2 on its website.

Exponents - has a page where you can create worksheets for exponents. This website has worksheet generators for many other topics as well.

Printable Worksheet and answers for cross multiplying proportions

Printable Worksheet and answers for Factoring Difference-of-Two-Squares Problems



Math Worksheets Land has free lessons and lots of free printable worksheets for geometry.. by Lawrence Spector has lessons for Plane Geometry online. You can click on each proposition to read the lesson, and then do problems for each lesson.

Math Planet has lessons Geometry online. Each type of problem has a Youtube lesson to go with it.

KUTASoftware offers free geometry worksheets on its website.

The Math Open Reference Project uses interactive tools and animations to provide an engaging way to learn and explore geometry. For example, you can change the way a transveral cuts through two parallel lines and see that the corresponding angles around each intersection are equal in measure. The website also has animiations and step-by-step instructions for construction problems, and worksheets for extra practice.

Interactives has an interactive site for 3-D shapes.

Origami Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem - Khan Academy has a link to a Youtube video which illustrates the Pythagorean Theorem using a piece of paper:



The Math Page has lessons and problems for trigonometry. has video lessons for trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic calculus, and other topics for math.