Resources for Teaching Geography

Here are links to free printable worksheets and other resources for teaching geography.


Interactive map of Asia - from Owl and Mouse Educational Software

Sheppard Software has games and interactive maps for learning about the geography of Asia.

Quizlet Flashcards for countries in Asia



Interactive map of Africa with countries and capitals from

Sheppard Software has games and interactive maps for learning about the geography of Africa


North America

United States

Interactive Map of the United States

Interactives has a United States History Map. On this site, a student can learn the geography of the United States while learning about how the country was settled. Highly recommended!

Quia has flashcards for learning the states. Some of the smaller states are hard to see.

Study Cards for States and Capitals of the United States. Here is a link for cards that you can print to help with memorization of the states and capitals.

Crossword Puzzle for U. S. States and Capitals - Write the name of the capital of each state on this crossword.


Interactive map of Canada - This is an interactive map from This site also has online puzzles for learning the provinces and capitals of Canada.

Sheppard Software has interactive maps and activities for learning about Canada.


Sheppard Software also has interactive maps and activities for learning about Mexico.

Central America

Interactive Map Scroll over this map from to review the countries of Central America.

Central American Quiz - This interactive quiz is from

South America

Copywork page for South American Countries

South America Map Flashcards on Quizlet

Sheppard Software has games and interactive maps to help students learn about South and Central America.


Toporopa has interactive quizzes about the countries, capitals, flags, regions, metropolitan areas, monarchies, battles, mountains, lakes, seas, rivers, islands, peninsulas, ports, straits and volcanoes of Europe.

Interactive Map of Europe

European Geography Games - This site by Sheppard Software has many interactive games for learning the geography of Europe. I like the fact that on many of the games, you can limit the questions by region.

European Rivers - This is a game by Sheppard Software for identifying and learning about European rivers.

Online flashcards for identifying European countries - This is a group of flashcards on

Northern Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Northern Europe Worksheet

Western Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Western Europe Worksheet

Central Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Central Europe Worksheet

Southern Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Southern Europe Worksheet

Southeastern Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Southeastern Europe Worksheet

Southwestern Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Southwestern Europe Worksheet

Eastern Europe Worksheet
     Answers for Eastern Europe Worksheet


Australia Quiz from Answer the questions on this interactive quiz by clicking on the correct state.

World Geography

Mountains Quiz - This interactive quiz from asks you to identify and label the tallest peak on six continents and the three longest mountain ranges in the world.

Oceans Quiz - This is an interactive quiz from that asks you to identify and label the major oceans of the world.