Make a Book of Lists, Poems, and Verses for Kids to Memorize

Make a Book for Memory Work

Here's an easy way to make a book for the lists, poems, verses, and other facts that you want your child to memorize. Keeping study cards in a book can make memorization easier by making it handy for your child to study for a few minutes at a time. Since the book is so small, it is easy to take it along in the car or to the dentist's office. Keeping the study cards in a book also makes it easy to go back and review things that your child has already memorized.

I found a small single-photo picture album at Wal-mart for less than a dollar. The album measures 4 by 6 inches, and has 12 pages. Since you can slip a card into the front and back of each page, you can put 24 cards in the album.

I didn't like the metallic zebra pattern on the thin cardboard covers that came with the book, so I bought a sheet of pretty paper at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section of the store. One sheet of 8 by 10 paper will cover the front and back of a book. I slipped the cardboard cover out of the book and traced it onto my pretty paper. Next, I cut out my paper, and then put both pieces back in the book so that the pretty paper was in front.

Next I printed out some study cards for memorization from's Printable Study Cards page, cut them out, and slid them in the book. You can also use blank index cards to write out your own lists.

You can put stickers or a star on each page as your child memorizes the contents of each card. Older children can also try writing the contents of a card from memory to practice their spelling and handwriting.

If you would like one of these, but would rather not make one, you can find one at my Etsy Shop.