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Wash Your Dish Reminder

Printable Reminder to Wash Dishes


I made a sign to put next to my kitchen sink to remind everyone to wash his or her own dish or put it in the dishwasher.

Putting a sign next to the sink isn't magic. Folks still forget, and sometimes I still find dirty dishes and cups around the sign. I have joked that I need to find a frame with blinking lights on it. Or maybe laminate a copy and put it in the sink. But having a reminder has helped.

Here is a copy that will fit into a 5 x 7 frame:

Printable Reminder to Wash Dishes



Free Printable Study Cards for Learning the U.S. Presidents

Study Cards for Learning the U.S. Presidents


Do you have your students memorize the U. S. Presidents? There are study cards to help with memorizing the list of U. S. Presidents on my Printable Study Card Page. I updated my list to include our newest President of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

Memorizing the list of 45 presidents is a rather daunting task, so it helps to divide the list up a bit. You can cut this sheet into four cards, and work on one set at a time. Try saying the names to a beat. Pretend that you are jumping rope while you are saying them. Better yet, have your students jump rope while they are saying them. :) (Does anyone jump rope anymore? ) Memorizing lists is also a great activity for car rides.


Teaching Resources for Learning About Ants

Facts and Children's Books about Ants


Spring is a great time to learn about insects, and the ant is one of the easiest insects to learn about. Ants are everywhere! Have your student look for ants and anthills as you walk or play outside. What are the ants that you see doing? How many ants might be in the anthill? Put a drop of honey or a piece of a cookie near an anthill. How long does it take an ant to find it? How long before other ants find it? How do you think ants let other ants know where to find the food?

Here's a list of facts about ants and suggestions for children's books about ants. I also have a printable..READ MORE


Free Printable Bird Matching Game

Free Printable Bird Matching Game

Memory games are great teaching resources for teaching children at home.  Not only do they help teach children content, but they can also help train children to pay attention to details and to remember things. Memory games can also help teach other skills such as taking turns and being patient enough to try again after making a mistake. 

I made a memory game for birds and added it to my Bird Unit Study page. The pdf has only one image of each bird, so if you print two copies, you can use the cards as a memory game. The last page is the photo credits, so you might not want to print that page. I do not have a color printer, so I put the file on a thumb and took it to Office Max. Printing four pages on cardstock paper cost less than three dollars. I also bought a zipper pouch to keep the cards in for less than a dollar.


Resources for Teaching about Birds

Content for a Unit Study about Birds

Here are teaching points for a unit study about birds, along with children's books that reinforce many of the points. I was able to find these books at my library, or through inter-library loan. I have also included a printable version...READ MORE



Teaching Resources for The Gettysburg Address

Teaching Resources for the Gettysburg Address


I like crossword puzzles. Solving them requires not only knowing the right word, but also being able to spell it. And, there is something uniquely satisying about writing a word in a grid when several of the letters are already filled in and knowing that I have the right word. (It's the small things....)

I recently added resources for learning The Gettysburg Address including a printable version of the Gettysburg Address,, a printable fill-in-the-blank worksheet, and a Gettysburg Address crossword puzzle. To solve the puzzle...READ MORE